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      1.     globalimporter | 自助建站

        电话: 0516-85055801
        传真: 051685055369
        姓名: 李娜
        公司名称: Xuzhou Jiufa Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 
        主要产品: 越野轮胎起重机、汽车起重机、多功能吊管机、工程机械零部件 
        公司简介: Xuzhou Jiufa Construction Machinery Co, Ltd was founded in 2002, The register capital is 46 Million RMB, We specialized in machinery manufacturing , developing crawler crane, and we could able to supply to our customer at their specific requirements. Our factory takes up area of more than 120 acres, advanced processing and assembly equipment ( we have two factories, southern district's cover an area of 90 acres, northern district's cover and area of 30 acres) Our factory total area of 40, 000 square meters, at present, we have 550 staffs, including more than 50 technical personnel, 25 engineers, and 5 general mangers. The company is situated in TongShan district in Xuzhou ( DaPeng high-tech Industry Development Zone), By the national highway No.310 and nearly high-speed beltway entrance. Therefore the transport is very convenient. Since 2002, we pay attention to absorb introduce various types of technology and management personnel, and increasing investment and technical strength. We has introduced all kinds of technical and management personnel more than 80 people, purchased including flame cutting machine, laser shoesmaking equipment, fine plasma cutting machine, large plate shears, large-tonnage press, large bending machine, large leveling machine, digital display horizontal double boring and milling machine, welding machine, standardization spray paint line Lincoln, 3 coordinates detector, welding flaw detector, and other advanced machining equipment. We have ability to produce all kinds of engineering machinery welding structure, mechanical product, heat treatment items such as more than thirty thousand sets of production parts in one year to support for loaders, rollers, excavator, crane, the train car frame, environmental protection transit vehicles, compression garbage hydraulic pressure station and other construction machinery host production manufacturers. As a important supporting supplier of " XCMG"ã&﹟65533;&﹟65533; " HELI"ã&﹟65533;&﹟65533; " YUTONG" ã&﹟65533;&﹟65533;" LIUGONG"& 
        Xuzhou Jiufa Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. / 江苏 / 江苏省徐州市铜山区大彭工业园1号 (221150 ) / 电话:0516-85055801

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